Patient characteristics

PatientAge at surgerySexYears with PDH and Y1-150 staging On/offUPDRS off prepallidotomy/ postpallidotomyPallidotomy sideTransient side effectsMedication additional to levodopa
166M82/557/NP RSlight facial paresis, swallowing problems, droolingTryptizol, temazepam, alprazolam, apomorphine
243F72/2.522/7LSlight dysarthriaTrihexifenidyl
349M152/355/15LFacial paresisPergolide, amantadine
450M122/245/22LSlight dysarthriaSelegeline, biperideen
553M142.5/469/36RFacial paresis, hypophoniaPergolide, selegeline
655M132.5/348/27LFacial paresis, aphasiaSelegeline, biperideen
761F152.5/455/NPRClozapine, temazepam, cisapride
  • 1-150 H and Y=Hoehn and Yahr; UPDRS off=unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale part 3 (motor examination), in a standardised off state, 12 hours without antiparkinson medication; NP=not performed.