Table ‚ÄÉNeuropsychological tests and PANSS scores

TestMean (SD)
Block designPre49 (11.95)NS
Post50 (8.69)
Trail making test APre38.3 (9.83)NS
Post42.6 (14.1)
Trail making test BPre38.3 (4.5)NS
Post41 (10.03)
Inmediate visual reproductionPre50.5 (4.82)NS
Post54.8 (11.2)
Delayed visual reproductionPre46.19 (8.23)p<0.05
Post53.8 (12.64)
Inmediate verbal paired associatesPre54 (7.46)NS
Post59.5 (10.03)
Delayed verbal paired associatesPre8.8 (1.1)NS.
Post8.8 (1.17)
PANSS-PGPre37.67 (11.15)NS
Post36.5 (11.47)
PANSS-NPre31.67 (8.26)p<0.02
Post27.83 (8.47)
PANSS-PPre16.83 (7.28)NS
Post15.33 /7.55)
  • Pre=pretreatment; Post=post-treatment; PANSS= positive and negative syndrome scale; PG=general psychopathology scale; N=negative scale; P=positive scale.