Table 1

General practitioners' main reason for referral by neurologists' rating of organicity (n=300)

Reason for referralTo what extent can the patient's symptoms be explained by organic disease?n (%, 95% CI)
Not at allSomewhatLargelyCompletely
Neurological diagnosis and treatment10304668154 (51%, 46%-57%)
Patient request175922 (7%, 5%-11%)
Reinforce my opinion no disease894728 (9%, 6%-13%)
Other1-150 63111737 (12%, 9%-16%)
Referred by GP trainee1-151 00189 (3%, 1%-6%)
Referred by other consultant1-152 4361124 (8%, 5%-12%)
No reply25 (8%)
  • 1-150 This was usually to answer a specific question of management, most commonly the use of anti-convulsants during pregnancy or beta- interferon for multiple sclerosis.

  • 1-151 Most GP trainees had left the patient's practice and were therefore unable to endorse a reason for referral. Therefore all GP trainee referrals are listed separately.

  • 1-152 Similarly “consultant” referrals were often made by senior house officers or registrars who were unavailable to comment on the reason for referral.