Table 3

Location of lesions of patients with normal blink reflexes (1–5) and loss or delay of R2-i/R2c-i (6–13) and connection to the spinal tract and the nucleus of the trigeminal nerve. The number of the level represents the distance in mm from ponto-mesencephalic junction, corresponding to the slices of the anatomical atlas. Lesions of patients with abnormal R2-i/R2c-i involved the entire spinal tract and nucleus of trigeminal nerve at at least one level

LevelAnatomical landmarksPatients with normal blink reflexPatients with loss or delay of R2-i/R2c-i
17.5Cerebellar vermis impressing fourth ventricle, nucl n VII
20.5Top of oliva superior
22.5Pontomedullary junction, entry zone of n VII and n VIII
25.0Top of inferior olive, top of foramina luschke
27.5Nucl n IX, nucl n XII
30.0Hilus olivae, nucl n X
35.0Nucl gracilis, nucl cuneatus
39.0Bottom of oliva inferior, decussatio lemniscus medialis
  • ≖ Infarction reached the slice level without covering the trigeminal spinal tract and nucleus (TSTN); ⊙= partial contact with the TSTN; •= full or approximate full contact with the TSTN.