Table 1

Patients with ipsilateral neglect

PatientAge/sexInitial neurological findingLesionPoststroke intervalNeglect type1-150
155/Fhemiplegia, sensory loss, anosognosia, asomatognosiaFrontal basal ganglia24 days1-151 ATT
3 months1-151
262/MhemiplegiaBasal ganglia7 daysINT
363/Fhemiparesis, tingling sense but no objective sensory loss in left extremityThalamus17 daysATT
442/Fhemiplegia, sensory lossBasal ganglia3 daysATT
555/Fhemiplegia, anosognosia, asomatognosiaBasal ganglia25 daysINT
  • 1-150 ATT=Perceptuo-attentional type of neglect, INT= premotor-intentional type of neglect.

  • 1-151 When tested at 24 days after the stroke, the patient had ATT neglect. However, when tested at 3 months poststroke, the patient had INT neglect.