Table 2

Median of UPDRS subscores preoperatively and postoperatively after 3 months and more than 1 year (n=20)

Preoperative (range)3 months (range)p Values (pre-3 months)>1 year (range)p Value (pre-1 year)p Value
(3 months–
1 year)
Mental state part UPDRS2 (0–6)3 (0–6)NS2 (0–5)NSNS
Mod Hoehn and Yahr in off state3 (2.5–5)3 (2–5)NS3 (2–5)NSNS
Mod Hoehn and Yahr in on state2.5 (2–4)2.5 (2–3)NS2.5 (2–4)NSNS
Time spent in on with dyskinesias2 (1–3)1 (0–3)<0.0011 (1–3)<0.01NS
Severity of dyskinesias3 (0–4)1 (0–3)<0.0011 (0–2)<0.001NS
Pain associated with dyskinesias2 (0–4)0 (0–2)<0.0010 (0–3)<0.005NS
Dystonia1 (0–1)1 (0–1)NS1 (0–1)NSNS
Time spent in off states2 (1–3)1 (1–4)NS2 (1–3)NSNS.
  • pre=preoperative, mod=modified