Table 1

Visual rating of signal hyperintensities

Periventricular hyperintensities (PVH 0–6)Frontal caps (0–2)0=absent
Occipital caps (0–2)1=⩽5 mm
Bands: (0–2)2=>5 mm and <10 mm
White matter hyperintensities (WMH 0–24)Frontal (0–6)0=NA
Parietal (0–6)1=<3 mm; n⩽5
Occipital (0–6)2=<3 mm; n⩾6
Temporal (0–6)3=4–10 mm; n⩽5
4=4–10 mm; n⩾6
5=⩾11 mm; n⩾1
Basal ganglia hyperintensities (BGH 0–30)Caudate nucleus (0–6)As for WMH
Putamen (0–6)
Globus pallidus (0–6)
Thalamus (0–6)
Internal capsule (0–6)
  • Semiquantitative rating of signal hyperintensities in separate regions with the range of the scale shown in parentheses:n=number of lesions; NA=no abnormality.