Table 1

Distribution of CNS tumours by histology and sex

Males Females Total (%)
Tumours of neuroepithelial tissue:
 Astrocytic tumours
  Pilocytic astrocytoma (WHO grade I)11819  (3.3)
  Astrocytoma (WHO grade II)9514 (2.4)
  Anaplastic astrocytoma (WHO grade III)71219 (3.3)
  Glioblastoma (WHO grade IV)312354 (9.3)
  Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma11 (0.2)
 Oligodendroglial tumours
  Oligodendroglioma7310 (1.7)
  Anaplastic oligodendroglioma213 (0.5)
 Ependymal tumours145 (0.9)
 Mixed gliomas33 (0.5)
 Neuroepithelial tumours of uncertain origin
  Gliomatosis cerebri11 (0.2)
 Choroid plexus tumours
  Choroid plexus papilloma123 (0.5)
 Neuronal and mixed neuronal-glial tumours
  Ganglioma112 (0.3)
  Central neurocytoma112 (0.3)
 Tumours with neuroblastic or glioblastic elements (embryonal tumours)
  Primitive neuroectodermal134 (0.7)
  Neuroblastoma213 (0.5)
Tumours of the sellar region
 Pituitary adenoma452469 (11.8)
 Craniopharyngioma6410 (1.7)
Haematopoietic tumours
  B cell9615 (2.6)
  T cell112 (0.3)
Germ cell tumours
  Germinoma314 (0.7)
  Teratoma22 (0.3)
Tumours of the meninges
 Benign meningioma52133185 (31.7)
 Atypical meningioma6814 (2.4)
 Malignant meningioma336 (1.0)
Non-meningothelial tumours of the meninges
 Malignant mesenchymal
  Hemangiopericytoma44 (0.7)
 Tumours of uncertain histogenesis
  Haemangioblastoma4913 (2.2)
Tumours of cranial and spinal nerves282755 (9.4)
Local extensions from regional tumours
 Paraganglioma11 (0.2)
 Chordoma11 (0.2)
Metastatic neoplasms
  Adenocarcinoma201333 (5.7)
  Squamous cell carcinoma22 (0.3)
  Metastatic carcinoma15823 (4.0)
Unclassified tumours
 Haemangioendothelioma11 (0.2)
Total276307583 (100)