Table 1

The Oxfordshire Community stroke subclassification system19

Total anterior circulation syndrome (TACS);implies a large cortical stroke in middle cerebral, or middle and anterior cerebral artery territories
A combination of:
• New higher cerebral dysfunction (eg dysphasia, dyscalculia, visuospatial disorder) AND
• Homonymous visual field defect AND
• An ipsilateral motor and/or sensory deficit involving at least two out of three areas of the face, arm or leg
Partial anterior circulation syndrome (PACS); implies cortical stroke in middle or anterior cerebral artery territory
Patients with two out of the three components of the TACS OR new higher cerebral dysfuction alone OR a motor/sensory deficit more restricted than those classified as a LACS (eg isolated hand involvement).
Lacunar syndrome (LACS);implies a subcortical stroke due to small vessel disease
• Pure motor stroke
• Pure sensory stroke
• Sensorimotor stroke
• Ataxic hemiparesis
nb: evidence of higher cortical involvement or disturbance of consciousness excludes a lacunar syndrome
Posterior circulation syndrome (POCS)
• Ipsilateral cranial nerve palsy with contralateral motor and/or sensory deficit
• Bilateral motor and/or sensory deficit
• Disorder of conjugate eye movement
• Cerebellar dysfuction without ipsilateral log-tract involvement
• Isolated homonymous visual field defect