Table 2

Summary of pathological findings in the two cases

Case 1 Case 2
Posterior frontal lobe (BA 6,8) atrophy++++++
Frontal pole atrophy++
Precentral gyrus atrophy+±
Anterior cingulate gyrus atrophy+++++
Temporal pole atrophy++++
Parahippocampal gyrus atrophy+++
Hippocampal formation atrophy±±
Parietal lobe atrophy++
Occipital lobe atrophy+
Substantia nigra depigmentation and atrophy++++++
Caudate atrophy+++
Pallidal atrophy++
Thalamic atrophy
Subthalamic nucleus atrophy
Ballooned achromatic neurons++++++
Tau+ve cytoplasmic neuronal inclusions2-150 ++++
Glial cytoplasmic inclusions++++
Basophilic neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions2-151 ++++
Pale body neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions2-151 ++++
  • 2-150 In cortical layers IV/V;

  • 2-151 in basal ganglia.

  • +++ Severe; ++ moderate; + mild; ± doubtful; − absent.