Table 2

Percentage of MS patients (n=50) with abnormal corticospinally mediated excitatory reponses (hand and leg muscles) and callosally mediated inhibition (hand muscles). Stimulation effects were defined as abnormal when at least one parameter of corticospinally mediated responses (central motor latency, amplitude) or of transcallosal inhibition (latency and/or duration) lay outside the normal range

Contralateral excitatory response:
 Unilateral or bilateral4048
 Hand and/or leg muscle62
Transcallosal inhibition:
 Unidirectional or bidirectional80
At least one abnormality in hand muscles88
At least one abnormality in hand and/or leg muscles34
  • 2-150 No response in one patient. FDI=first dorsal interosseous; TA=tibialis anterior.