Table 3

Extracted data on the value of the radiological diagnosis of skull fracture in the assessment of ICH in MHI. These figures were used to estimate the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis skull fracture for the diagnosis of ICH. The sROCs of these data are shown in figure 1

First author (reference) Publication year ED/AD n Design Severity Modality No of skull radiographs NCTs LOC/P TA (%) CT (%) TPR FPR
Royal College28 1981ED5850P13–15X5850<50<500.75000.0133
Dacey27 1986AD610P13–15X58368100110.72220.0817
Kraus26 1988AD2402R13–15X2402<50<500.38760.0854
Gorman29 1987ED12395P0–15X548415<500.72730.0362
Masters30 19877035P0–15X4068<50<500.55560.0174
Livingston5 1991ED138R14–15X717575540.42860.0313
Shackford19 1992ED2766R13–15X4232166100780.60820.2708
Stein20 1992ED1538R13–15CT15381001000.60340.0649
Borczuk22 1995ED1448R13–15CT1448801000.13190.0052
Dunham21 1996ED2032R13–15CT20321001000.27340.0436
Gomez31 1996ED2484R13–15CT1784187287.50.55810.0106
Ingebrigtsen17 1996AD91R13–15CT88100970.25000.0750
Arienta32 1997ED9830R13–15X6724969109.80.54840.0083
  • ED=Emergency department AD=admitted patients; R=retrospective; P=prospective; X=plain skull radiography