Table 3

Mean pattern and spatial recognition, spatial span and ID/ED total error scores for the NPH group 2 patients, matched controls, and comparison data from mild DAT patients taken from Sahakian et al44 and Sahgal et al51

TestGroup 2 testRetestControlsDAT
Pattern recognition19.3 (2.3)19.8 (2.0)19.1 (1.2)Impaired (Sahakian et al 44)
Spatial recognition13.5 (1.0)14.1 (2.1)15.9 (1.3)Impaired (Sahakian et al 44)
Spatial span4.0 (0.9)4.8 (0.7)5.0 (0.63)3.83 (Sahakian 44)
IDED total errors47.17 (16.2)62.3 (18.4)27.5 (15.5)Unimpaired (Sahgal et al 51)
(No mean scores reported)
  • The values in parentheses are SD.