Table 2

Validity of biomarkers when laboratory reference values were used as decision limits. Comparison with clinicians' scores (n=158)

Decision value Sensitivity Specificity LR
(%) CDT5.00.410.842.54
(%) CDT6.00.330.913.67
GTf⩽50, m⩽800.300.741.15
ASATf⩽35, m⩽500.280.923.50
ALATf⩽35, m⩽500.250.720.87
ASAT/ALAT ratio>1.00.500.501.00
Clinicians' scores2-150 >00.620.895.64
Clinicians' scores⩾50.421.003.82
  • 2-150 Clinical assessment of alcohol as cause of seizure on ordinal scale from 0-10.

  • LR=likelihood ratio.