Table 1

Clinical features and site of lesions in 18 patients with NF1 with 23 symptomatic plexiform neurofibromas

No Sex Age Site of lesion Pain Increase in size Neurological deficit (sensory and motor impairment)
1F49Prevertebral at L1YesNot visible1-150 Yes
2M37PelvisYesNot visible1-150 No
3F19L brachial plexusYesNot visible1-150 Yes
4F23L thighYesYesYes
R lower limbYesYesNo
5F41L thighYesYesNo
L axillaYesYesNo
6M62R thighYesYesYes
7M22L thigh (medial)YesYesYes
L thigh (post.)YesYesYes
8F26L supraclavicular fossaYesYesYes
9F35L buttockYesYesNo
10F34R lower limbYesYesNo
11F12R thighNoYesNo
12F27L popliteal fossaYesYesYes
13M14R cervical regionYesYesNo
15M14L popliteal fossaYesYesYes
16M26Retroperitoneum,Nonot visible1-150 Yes
R popliteal fossaNoYesYes
L popliteal fossaNoYesYes
17F22L upper limbYesYesNo
18M15R lower limbNoYesYes
  • 1-150 Indicates plexiform neurofibromas not visible on the body surface.

  • Pain was a feature in 17 of 23 tumours;. increase in size was present in 19 of 19 visible tumours; neurological deficit was present in 14 out of 23 tumours.