Table 2

18FDG PET Results and histology on 18 patients with NF1 with symptomatic plexiform neurofibromas

No Site of plexiform neurofibroma Necrosis Radiologist opinion SUV SUV time (min)2-150 Histology
1Prevertebral at L1NoMalignant4.5195Not diagnostic
2PelvisYesMalignant3.353MPNST (low grade)
3L brachial plexusYesMalignant2.760Triton tumour
4L thigh YesMalignant6.890Triton tumour
R lower limbNo MalignantMPNST (low grade)
5L thighYesMalignant8.4163Triton tumour
L axillaNoMalignantMPNST (low grade)
6R thighYesMalignant5.7175Triton tumour
7L thigh (medial)No?Malignant1.860Benign neurofibroma
L thigh (post)NoBenign1.460Benign neurofibroma
8L supraclavicular fossaNoMalignant3.345Benign neurofibroma
9L buttockNoBenign1.4677No surgery
10R lower limbNoBenign1.4137No surgery
11R thighNoBenign0.93126No surgery
12L popliteal fossaNoBenign0.56206No surgery
13R cervical regionNoBenign2.4121Benign neurofibroma
14PelvisNoBenign1.4677No surgery
15L popliteal fossaNoBenign1.2779Benign neurofibroma
16Retroperitoneum,NoBenign1.67184No surgery
R popliteal fossaNoBenign2.14184No surgery
L popliteal fossaNoBenign0.56184No surgery
17L upper limbNoBenign1.7345No surgery
18R lower limbNoBenign0.97193No surgery
  • 2-150 SUV time is the time when SUV was calculated after injection of 18FDG.