Table 1

Appearance of the infarct on the brain scan and the clinical syndromes considered appropriate to that appearance

CT or MRI appearance Clinical syndrome Abbreviation
Large cortical MCA infarct (whole of the cortex supplied by the MCA plus adjacent white matter and part or all of the ipsilateral basal ganglia) or more than half of the MCA territory plus ACA or PCA territoryTotal anterior circulation infarctionTACI
Medium sized cortical infarct (about half the MCA territory)Partial or total anterior circulation infarctionPACI or TACI
Small cortical infarct (less than a quarter of the MCA territory) or any of the ACA territoryPartial anterior circulation infarctionPACI
Border zone cortical infarct between ACA and MCA or PCA and MCA territoriesPartial anterior circulation infarctionPACI
Large (>1.5 cm) subcortical infarct (striatocapsular)Total or partial anterior circulation  infarctionTACI or PACI
Small (<1.5 cm) subcortical infarct (lacunar) (including centrum semiovale infarcts)Lacunar infarctionLACI
Cortical infarct in PCA territoryPosterior circulation infarctionPOCI
Brainstem or cerebellar infarct (including small infarcts in the pons)Posterior circulation infarctionPOCI
  • MCA=middle cerebral artery; ACA=anterior cerebral artery; PCA=posterior cerebral artery.