MMP-9, MMP-3, and TIMP-1 concentrations, white blood cell count, and total protein concentrations in the CSF of patients with acute neuroborreliosis and controls with non-inflammatory neurological disorders

CSF parameter Patients with acute neuroborreliosis (n=31) Patients with non-inflammatory neurological disorders (n=20)
MMP-9 concentrations (ng/ml)13.2 (29.3)1-150 1.0 (0.0)
MMP-3 concentrations (ng/ml)7.5 (12.2)3.8 (0.0)
TIMP-1 concentrations (ng/ml)230.7 (142.4)1-150 109.7 ( 112.7)
White blood cell count (cells/μl)576 (613)1-150 1 (1)
Total protein content (mg/dl)413 (517)1-150 42 (17)
  • Values in parentheses are SD. Concentrations were calculated using a standard curve. The detection limit in the CSF was 1 ng/ml for MMP-9, and 3.75 ng/ml for MMP-3 and TIMP-1. The ELISA system is designed to detect the proform of MMPs in both the free and the complexed form with TIMPs.

  • 1-150 p<0.05, compared with CSF parameters from patients with non-inflammatory neurological disorders.