Table 2

Characteristics of studies where patients with newly diagnosed idiopatic Parkinson's disease (IPD) were examined for the response to apomorphine, acute levodopa, or chronic levodopa

First authorYear of publicationPatients (n)AssessmentsThresholdNumber of tests for positive resultFollow up for chronic LDDrugDoses (mg)
Hughes10 199145Tapping>15%One of fourVariableAcute LD275
20 m walk>25%APO1.5/3.0/4.5
Tremor>2 pointsChronic LD<1000
Webster>3 points
Gasser11 199259UPDRS III>20%Only one>3 monthsAPO2 or 3/4 or 5
Chronic LD<800
Schwartz12 199383UPDRS III>20%Only one>4 monthsAPO2, 3, 5
Chronic LD<1000
D'Costa9 199522Tapping>20%One of two1 monthAcute LD125
3 m walk>20%Chronic LD375
  • APO=Apomorphine; LD=levodopa.