Table 4

Univariable and multivariable determinants of 1 year mortality

Risk factorUnivariable modelMultivariable model
HR95% CIHR95% CI
Age (/y)1.041.02––1.05
Alcohol consumption1.010.67–1.53
Diabetes mellitus1.290.97–1.731.160.87–1.58
Transient ischaemic attacks1.010.70–1.46
Atrial fibrillation1.521.15––1.46
Myocardial infarction1.220.78–1.92
Angina pectoris1.260.86–1.83
Congestive heart failure1.431.01––1.68
Valvular heart disease1.340.63–2.84
Glasgow coma scale4-150
 (2 v1)2.631.83–3.802.881.99–4.17
SBP on admission4-151 1.010.97–1.05
DBP on admission4-151 1.020.94–1.10
  • HR=Hazard ratio; SBP=systolic blood pressure; DBP=diastolic blood pressure.

  • 4-150 Glasgow coma scale entered as 1=(score 14–15); 2=(score 8–13); 3=(score 4–7); 4=(score 3). Baseline score=1.

  • 4-151 SBP and DBP/10 mm Hg.

  • Based on data from 328 subjects.