Table 6

Univariable and multivariable determinants of 1 year functional outcome6-150

Risk factorUnivariate modelMultivariate model
RR95% CIRR95% CI
Age (/y)1.021.00––1.05
Alcohol consumption0.510.21–1.23
Diabetes mellitus0.680.39–1.18
Transient ischaemic attacks0.710.36–1.39
Atrial fibrillation1.610.97–2.691.881.11–3.18
Myocardial infarction0.370.13–1.130.410.13–1.25
Angina pectoris0.830.40–1.73
Congestive heart failure1.220.61–2.46
Valvular heart disease0.890.17–4.58
Glasgow coma scale:6-151
 (2 v1)1.430.69–2.971.740.81–3.74
SBP on admission6-152 1.040.97–1.11
DBP on admission6-152 0.980.85–1.13
  • RR=Relative risk; SBP=systolic blood pressure; DBP=diastolic blood pressure.

  • 6-150 Functional outcome defined as patients that are unable to look after their own affairs (modified Rankin score 3–4–5) versus those that are able to look after their own affairs (score 0–1–2).

  • 6-151 Glasgow coma scale entered as 1=(score 14–15); 2=(score 8–13); 3=(score 4–7); 4=(score 3, all patients died after one year). Baseline score=1.

  • 6-152 SBP and DBP/10 mmHg.

  • Based on data from 328 subjects.