Table 1

Means scores (SD) of the alcoholic patients and the healthy control subjects and the Mann-Whitney U test results between the two groups on the RAPM and the SIGNAL

Corrected hit rateCorrected false alarm rated'Beta
Alcoholic patients7.71 (2.39)68.1 (27.1)12.7 (12.8)1.91 (0.89)2.58 (2.58)
Controls9.18 (2.21)85.0 (12.7)10.7 (7.2)2.58 (0.48)2.43 (2.71)
Mann-Whitney Ubetween alcoholic patients and controls U=100.5 U=72.0
Asymp significance (2 tailed)p=0.126p=0.130
  • RAPM=Raven advanced progressive matrices (Raven34); SIGNAL=signal detection recognition memory test (Banks25)