Table 2

Significant correlations in the scoring patterns of parkinsonian deficits among the three examiners

Parkinsonian deficitPrepallidotomy Examiner III v I2 years
Examiner III v II
rp Valuerp Value
Off state CL bradykinesia0.6810.0150.6290.009
Off state IPS bradykinesia0.6700.0170.786<0.001
On state CL bradykinesia0.6120.0340.7040.003
On state IPS bradykinesia0.7230.0080.7420.001
Off state CL resting tremor0.845<0.0010.5530.033
Off state IPS resting tremor0.898<0.0010.944<0.001
Off state gait0.8210.0010.808<0.001
Off state posture0.7390.0060.5830.018
Off state postural stability0.843<0.0010.895<0.001
CL dyskinesia0.7770.0030.6520.006
IPS dyskinesia0.7060.0100.6750.004
Axial dyskinesia0.841<0.0010.866<0.001
Total dyskinesia0.6650.0180.826<0.001
Off state modified Hoehn and Yahr stage0.7390.0060.6930.003
  • r=Correlation coefficient; CL=contralateral; IPS=ipsilateral.