Table 4

Changes in ADLs and other parameters

Parameter% Of prepal scores atp Values
6 months2 y3 yPrepal
v 2 y
v 3 y
6 months
v 2 y
6 months v 3 y
ADL (off)67109123NSNS<0.001<0.001
ADL (on)571691940.0100.019<0.001<0.001
Mentation, behaviour, and mood43107174NSNSNS0.009
  • Prepal=Prepallidotomy; ADL=activities of daily living; CL=contralateral; IPS=ipsilateral; ADL=activities of daily living; Compl=complications.

  • Prepal v 6 months: ADL-off p=0.014 (improved); rest are NS; 2 y v 3 y: NS.

  • Increase in percentage implies worsening.

  • p Values apply to the mean values of measurements, and are adjusted for multiple comparisons (see Methods).