Table 1

Summary of clinical data for early consecutive 10 patients who were treated conservatively

Patient Age/sex Site of occlusion Haemorrhagic transformation Final clinical outcome Final radiological findings
169/MRt ICASDisLarge basal ganglia infarct
281/FRt MCA+SDisLarge MCA infarct, mild haemorrhage
388/FRt ICADSevere cerebral oedema
483/FRt MCASDisLarge MCA infarct
578/MLt ICASDisLarge basal ganglia infarct
663/MLt MCASDisPosterior MCA infarct
777/FLt ICASDisMedium MCA infarct
887/MLt MCASDisMedium MCA infarct
970/MRt ICASDisLarge MCA infarct
1082/MRt ICA+DSevere cerebral oedema and haemorrhage
  • ICA=Internal carotid artery; MCA=middle cerebral artery; SDis=severely disabled; D=dead.