Table 2

Summary of clinical data for the later consecutive 10 patients who received recanalisation

Patient Age/sex Site of occlusion Time to recanalisation (h) Haemorrhagic transformation Final clinical outcome Final radiological findings
1174/FRt MCA4SDLarge basal ganglia infarct
1271/MLt MCA3+DMassive haemorrhage and oedema
1390/FLt MCA5SDTemporal MCA infarct
1475/FLt MCA2GRNo infarct
1568/FRt ICA3GRNo infarct
1650/FLt ICA2GRNo infarct
1751/FLt ICA6SDLarge ACA and anterior MCA infarct
1867/MRt ICA5GRSmall basal ganglia infarct
1967/FLt MCA4SDLarge MCA infarct
2074/MLt ICA7GRNo infarct
  • ICA=Internal carotid artery; MCA=middle cerebral artery; GR=good recovery; SD=severely disabled; D=dead.