Summary of patient's data, fundamental sonography, CT, and correlation of follow up CT with harmonic imaging

Patient No/ age/sexOnset (h)Clinical score (ESS)Ultrasound findingsBrain CTHI1-150
Acute1 weekAcuteFollow upAcuteInfarction in follow up
1/72/M167096ICA occlusionNormalNormalCapsulostriatum+/+
2/70/M21849Reduced MCA FVIncreased MCA FVSulcal effacementComplete+/+
3/69/M59175NormalNormalSulcal effacementSuperficial−/+
4/61/M129696NormalNormalFocal hypodensitySuperficial−/+
6/64/M157 1-151 MCA occlusionRecanal. day 2NormalComplete MCA+/+
7/73/M234561MCA occlusionRecanal. day 2Obscuration lent nucleusCapsulostriatum+/+
10/67/W184357MCA occlusionMCA occlusionObscuration lent nucleusCapsulostriatum+/+
11/77/M16259Red MCA FVNormalNormalSuperficial−/+
14/55/W2250 1-152 ICA 1-152 Large hypodensityComplete MCA+/+
15/69/M124 1-151 MCA occlusionRecanal. day 2Sulcal effacement, obscuration lent nucleusComplete MCA+/+
17/58/M23845ICA occlusionICA occlSulcal effacement, obscuration lent nucleusComplete MCA+/+
18/54/W426 1-152 MCA occlusionReduced MCA FVSulcal effacementComplete MCA+/+
19/74/W836 1-153 MCA occlusion 1-153 Sulcal effacementComplete MCA+/+
Secondary haemorrhage
20/35/W2072 1-154 NormalNormalNormalSuperficial−/+
  • 1-150 First+or−indicates whether ischaemic area could be identified; second+or−indicates whether infarction affecting the entire MCA territory could be excluded or confirmed.

  • 1-151 Patient died after day 3.

  • 1-152 Decompressive surgery, lost to follow up.

  • 1-153 Surgery of secondary intracerebral haemorrhage, lost to follow up.

  • 1-154 Lost to follow up.

  • ESS=European stroke scale; MCA=middle cerebral artery; FV=flow velocitiy; Recanal.=recanalisation; lent nucleus=lentiform nucleus;

  • HI=harmonic imaging.