Table 3

Relation between patients' responses to the modified simple questions and overall health related quality of life assessed by the EuroQol

Mean score on EuroQol for groups defined by their responses to modified simple questions (95% CI of the mean)p Value
LSR Series (n=147):
 Overall HRQoL3-150 58 (52-64)65 (58-71)77 (74-80)<0.0001
 EuroQol utility3-152 0.38 (0.29- 0.47)0.74 (0.69 to 0.79)0.88 (0.80-0.96)<0.0001
IST Series (n=867):
 Overall HRQoL48 (47-50)67 (64-70)77 (74-80)<0.0001
 EuroQol utility0.31 (0.29- 0.34)0.71 (0.68-0.74)0.88 (0.84-0.92)<0.0001
  • 3-150 Measured with vertical visual analogue scale which forms part of the EuroQol; significance of hierarchical differences between levels using the Terpstra-Jonckheere test;

  • 3-152 utilities were generated from patients' categorical responses to the EuroQol, using the preferences of the general public.