Table 1

Neurological grade according to the grading system of Markwalder et al19 preoperatively, after the last subdural tapping, and at follow up evaluation mean 22 (range 1–46) months postoperatively

Neurological gradePreoperativelyAfter last subdural tapping1-150At follow up evaluation1-150/1-151
Dead1-152 111514
  • 1-150 Including seven and two patients who were finally operated on using continuous drainage after burr hole trephination and/or membranectomy after craniotomy because of insufficient haematoma evacuation and subdural empyema, respectively, and two patients who were operated on acutely via craniotomy and haematoma evacuation because of procedure related acute subdural bleeding.

  • 1-151 10 patients were lost for long term follow up.

  • 1-152 In all patients death was related to concomitant diseases and not to the treatment or to a recurrence of CSDH.