Table 3

Volumetry in AD, OD, and ND

Volumetry left MTL/ICV Volumetry right MTL/ICV
AD (n=41)0.0037 (0.00053)0.0038 (0.00047)
OD (n=32)0.0038 (0.00060)0.0038 (0.00045)
ND (n=66)0.0041 (0.00041)0.0042 (0.00042)
  • Values are means (SD). AD=Alzheimer's disease; OD=other dementias (see text); ND=non-demented subjects. MTL=medial temporal lobe (see text); ICV=intracranial volume; χ2: ADv ND p<0.0001 (left and right); ADv OD p>0.05 (left and right); ODv ND p<0.0001 (left and right). Four scans could not be measured for technical reasons.