Table 4

Samples of doses given for specific muscle groups and problems presenting for treatment

Problem Muscles Dose (Allergan product
Botox; IU)
Unable to place the foot flat on the floorGastroc medial head100
Gastroc lateral head100
Tibialis posterior100 (total dose 400)
Extending big toe causing pain on walkingExtensor hallucis longus75 units
Clawing of the 2nd to 5th toe with extension of big toeExtensor hallucis longus50
Flexor digitorum brevis100
Tibialis posterior50 (total dose 200)
Flexion of elbow when walkingBiceps50
Brachialis20 (total dose 100)
Difficulty grasping objects due to wrist flexionFlexor carpi ulnaris30
Flexor carpi radialis50 (total dose 80)
Difficulty cleaning the palm of the hand and caring for finger nailsFlexor carpi ulnaris75
Flexor carpi radialis75
Flexor digitorum superficialis75 (total dose 225)
Unable to extend fingers fully for functional tasks such as clicking computer mouseFlexor digitorum profundus30