Table 2

Correlation of biofeedback benefit at follow up with disability, relapse, progression and handicap based on CAMBS

Marked and Moderate benefit (n=5)Slight and No benefit (n=8)
DisabilityMild or Moderate (D1 and D2)5* 0
Severe (D3, D4, and D5)08
RelapseQuiescent or objectively unchanged (R1 and R2)5* 2
Objectively worse than baseline (R3 and R4)06
ProgressionNone in past year (P1)5* 1
Significant over past year (P2 and P3)07
HandicapAbsent or Minor (H1, H2, and H3)42
Moderate or Major (H4 and H5)16
  • Patients were scored in each of the four scales for their disability, relapse rate, progression, and handicap attributed to their multiple sclerosis according to CAMBS. Fisher's exact test, level of significance is * p<0.05.