Table 1

Neuropsychological tests

TestClassification range1-150
Normal (average)Subnormal (impaired)
High to midLowMildModerate to severe
Wechsler adult intelligence scale-revised:
 Verbal IQ+
 Subset scores
  Digit span+
 Performance IQ+
 Subset scores:
  Picture completion+
  Picture arrangement+
  Block design+
  Object assembly+
  Digit symbol+
Wisconsin card sorting test:1-151
 Number of categories+
 Perseverative responses+
 Non-perseverative responses+
Trail making test:
 Part A+
 Part B+
Wide range achievement test - 3:
 Reading subtest+
Multilingual aphasia examination:
 Benton visual naming+
 Controlled oral word association:+
Semantic fluency test (animals)+
Wechsler memory scale-revised:
 Logical stories I+
 Logical stories II+
 Paired associate I+
 Paired associates II+
 Visual reproduction I+
 Visual reproduction II+
 Visual span+
Rey auditory verbal learning test:1-151
 Total words over 5 trials+
 List B (words recalled)+
 Immediate recall list A+
 Delayed recall list A+
 Delayed recognition+
Rey Osterrieth complex figure:1-151
Clock drawing:1-151 1-152 +
Oral and manual praxis screening1-152 +
Grooved pegboard test:
 Right hand+
 Left hand+
Geriatric depression scale (items endorsed)+
  • 1-150 Classification range based on age and/or education corrected normative data.

  • 1-151 Qualitative evidence for perseveration and other executive dysfunction on these tests.

  • 1-152 Evaluated qualitatively.