Characteristics of the falling and non-falling patients with stroke

Falling patients
Non-falling patients
Age:62.54  (10.31)1-150 59.88  (11.41)
Barthel index14.91 (4.76)1-160 17.50 (4.25)
Depression scale19.55 (12.87)1-160 8.96 (9.62)
Risk factors:
 Heart disease14321-150
 Gastrointestinal diseases68
 Urinary disease53
Right hemisphere481-150 39
Left hemisphere3857
  • 1-150 p<0.05;

  • 1-160 p<0.005.

  • Student's t test was used to assess the statistical significance of difference in ages between falling and non-falling patients and was used to determine the statistical significance of the value of Bartel and Montgomery and Asberg rating scale between two groups.

  • χ2 was used to asses the statistical significance of categorical variables among the ages, risk factors, and hemisphere involved in ischaemia.