Table 1

Mean apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values in regions of interest (ROIs) positioned on diffusion weighted images in normal and abnormal appearing areas

ROI Mean ADC value (10-3 mm2/s)
Normal appearing grey matter (left frontal lobe)10.91
Normal appearing white matter (left frontal lobe)40.83
Lesion at the chronic stage (right temporo-occipital cortex)51.70
Cortico/subcortical acute lesion (left temporo-occipital lesion)61.11
Abnormal deep white matter (adjacent to the left atrium)101.30
  • A statistical analysis using an unpaired two tailed Student'st test showed a significant difference (p=0.03) between ADC values in ROIs positioned in normal appearing brain regions (mean 0.93 (SD 0.08) mm2/s) and those located in acute lesions (mean 1.26 (SD 0.24) mm2/s).