Postmortem cases of late adult onset (age>50 y) Hallervorden–Spatz syndrome

Study Age of onset (y) Age of death (y) Presenting symptoms Other features
Wanget al 14 6368ParkinsonismDementia
Jankovicet al 5 5568ParkinsonismBlepharospasm, apraxia of eyelid opening, aphonia, dementia
Jelinger et al 15 6470ParkinsonismSeizures
Evrard et al 16 5762Gait difficultyAthetosis, facial immobility, repetitive movements, contractures, ataxia, dementia, seizures
Netsy et al 17 54Unsteady gaitAlcohol, tuberculosis, syphilis
Dooling1-150 et al 1 75Not thought to have primary neurological disorderChronic alcoholism, generalised seizures after cerebrovascular accident
Dooling1-150 et al 1 89Dementia
  • 1-150 Limited details given and the patient's specific pathology not described but was part of large postmortem series of Hallervorden–Spatz syndrome