Table 3

Risk of subarachnoid haemorrhage associated with different levels of long term regular physical activity during the previous year

Case patients n=149Control subjects n=298Adjusted relative risk3-150
n%n%RR95% CI
kcal/week engaged in all physical activity:3-151
 Somewhat active4429.510033.60.80.4–1.3
 Very active4127.510334.60.70.4–1.1
  • 3-150 Adjusted RR and 95% CIs were derived from conditional logistic regression, taking into account matching on age, sex, and respondent type and adjusting for smoking status. Test for trend p=0.3.

  • 3-151 Inactive means that in previous year subject did not engage in any leisure time physical activity. Somewhat active means subject engaged in physical activity, but less than or equal to the median value among all case patients and control subjects with some physical activity during previous year. The median was 584.9 kcal/week. Very active means more than the median value.