Table 2

Clusters activated during writing in control subjects

SideNumber of voxels in clusterMaximum Z score in clusterTalairach coordinates (x,y,z) of maximal peak activation (mm)Region of cluster activation2-150Brodmann area of peak activation
Right16258.0724,−52,−24Cerebellum (hemisphere, dentate nucleus)
Left22227.68−42,−28,36Postcentral gyrus2
Left 7.45 −26,−60,58 Superior parietal lobule 7
Left 7.44 −42,−14,48 Precentral gyrus 4
Left946.55−54,12,18Inferior frontal gyrus44
1936.350,4,46Cingulate gyrus32
5.62 0,2,60 Superior frontal gyrus 6
  • Areas activated in patients with writer's cramp during writing.

  • 2-150 First order maxima; italics=second order maxima within cluster. The Talairach coordinates correspond to the stereotactic conventions of the atlas of Talairach and Tournoux.30