Table 3

Five hundred consecutive patients with tetanus: Centre for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City

 500 Consecutive non-neonatal patients admitted between May 1997 and February 1999.
 343 Male157 Female
 Age<15 years18.8%
 Age>65 years12.2%
 39 Neonates were admitted in the same time period
 Mortality in non-neonates19%
 Mortality in neonates45%
Entry site:
 Lower limb53.3%Head10.4%.
 Upper limb10.8%Injections1.8%.
Incubation periodMedian (range)9.5 days (1–60)
Time to first symptomMedian (range)3 days (1–92)
Period of onsetMedian (range)48 hours (0–264)
Symptoms on admission:
 Back pain94%Sweating10%
 Muscle stiffness94%Difficulty breathing10%
Admission severity scores and mortality rates:
 Dakar scoreMortalityPhillips scoreMortality
 ⩾335/59 (59%).⩾1758/170 (34%).
 <360/440 (14%).<1738/330 (11%).
 RR 4.35 (3.17–5.97)RR 2.96 (2.06–4.27)
By combining the Dakar and Phillips scores in individual patients:
 Dakar ⩾3 and Phillips ⩾17 compared with Dakar <3 and Phillips <17
 RR 3.68 (2.49–5.45)
  • RR = Relative risk.