Table 2

Studies on the psychological impact of genetic testing for Huntington's disease

StudyType of genetic test2-150SampleInstrument2-151Findings2-152
7–10 days12 months
Wiggins et al199223 LA37 CarriersSCL-90Significantly higherNS
58 Non-carriersGWSSignificantly lower
40 No result2-153 BDSSignificantly higherNS
Tibben et al199732 LA20 CarriersIES AvoidanceSignificantly higherNS (6 Months)
44 non-carriersBHSSignificantly higherNS (6 Months)
Codori et al199724 LA MA52 CarriersBDINot availableNS
108 non-carriersBHSNot availableSignificantly higher
Quaid and Wesson, 199533 LA5 CarriersSCL-90Not availableSignificantly higher
14 non-carriers
Decruyenaere et al 199627 LA MA22 CarriersSTAINSNS
31 non-carriersBDINSNS
Dudok de Wit 199734 MA9 CarriersIESNSNS (6 Months)
16 non-carriers
  • 2-150 LA=linkage analysis; MA=mutation analysis.

  • 2-151 BHS=Beck hopelessness scale; BDI=Beck depression inventory; IES=impact of event scale (higher scores on these scales are equivalent to more symptoms); SCL=symptom check list; STAI=Spielberger anxiety inventory; GWS=general wellbeing scale.

  • 2-152 The analyses refer to carrier vnon-carrier scores at each time point.

  • 2-153 The “no result” group includes 23 testing decliners and 17 people who did not receive an informative result.