Summary of the epilepsies with possible immune mediated mechanisms

Syndrome Putative antibody/target Immunomodulatory treatment response Epileptogenic effect of antibodies
Rasmussen's encephalitisGluR3Corticosteroids, IVIg, PP+
Landau-Kleffner syndromeBrain endothelial cells/neuronal nuclear proteinsIVIgNR
West's syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome?IVIgNR
Systemic lupus erythematosusPL, CL, LAC,Syndrome generallyNR
Stiff man syndromeGADSyndrome generallyNR
Hashimoto's encephalopathy?Syndrome generallyNR
General epilepsiesCL, PL, ANAPositive in one case reportNR
GM1IVIg, cytotoxic agents+
  • NR=Not reported; PP=plasmapheresis; ANA=antinuclear antibody; LAC=lupus anticoagulant; CL=cardiolipin; PL=phospholipid.