Table 2

Elderly patients with space occupying MCA infarction and hemicraniectomy

Patient NoAge/sexTerritory of infarctionAetiologyDelay stroke/ operationFollow up
TimeBIRSLiving situation
155, FL MCAArterial embolus30 h8 months554Rehabilitation clinic
256, MR MCA/pACAArterial embolus25 h4 months604Rehabilitation clinic
358, FR MCACarotid dissection9 d3 months354Home for elderly
460, FR MCAArterial embolus130 h3 months05Nursing home
560, MR MCAArterial embolus24 h4 months05Nursing home
667, ML MCAAtrial fibrillation29 h 2-1518 monthsNANANA
767, MR MCA/pACAAtrial fibrillation14 h4 months254Rehabilitation clinic
869, MR MCACryptogenic13 h8 months404Day clinic
970, FR MCA/pACAAtrial fibrillation30 h 2-1513 monthsNANANA
1070, ML MCA/PCAAtrial fibrillation24 h 2-15117 daysNANANA
1173, FR MCA/pACAAtrial fibrillation48 h 2-1518 daysNANANA
1274, MR MCA/ACAPerioperative bypass100 h9 months105Nursing home
  • p=Partial; MCA=middle cerebral artery; PCA=posterior cerebral artery; ACA=anterior cerebral artery; NA=not applicable; BI=Barthel index; RS=Rankin scale; NA=not applicable.

  • 2-151 Patient died at x days or months.