Table 6

Dimensions and items of the ALSAQ-40 and ALSAQ-5 (in italics)

Scale Item No on ALSAQ-40 Items
Physical mobility (MOB):
1Difficulty walking short distances
2Fallen whilst walking
3Stumbled or tripped whilst walking
4Lost balance whilst walking
5Concentrate when walking
6Tired when walking
7Pains in legs whilst walking
8Difficulty going up and down stairs
9 Difficulty standing up
10Difficulty getting up out of chairs
Adl/independence (ADL):
11 Difficulty using arms and hands
12Difficulty turning and moving in bed
13Difficulty picking things up
14Difficulty holding books and turning pages
15Difficulty writing clearly
16Difficulty doing jobs around the house
17Difficulty feeding myself
18Difficulty combing hair
19Difficulty getting dressed
20Difficulty washing at hand basin
Eating and drinking (EAT):
21Difficulty swallowing
22 Difficulty eating solid food
23Difficulty drinking liquids
Communication (COM):
24Difficulty participating in conversations
25 Speech not easy to understand
26Slurred or stuttered whilst speaking
27Have to talk slowly
28Talked less than I used to do
29Frustrated by speech
30Felt self conscious about speech
Emotional reactions (EM):
31Felt lonely
32Felt bored
33Felt embarrassed in social situations
34 Felt hopeless about the future
35Worried that I was a burden to others
36Wondered why I kept going
37Felt angry because of the disease
38Felt depressed
39Worried how disease will affect my future
40Felt as if I had no freedom