Table 1

Subject characteristics

Surgery group (n=28)Control group (n=28)Group difference
Age (y) at baseline examination:
 Mean (SD)11.5 (3.5)10.3 (3.7)NS1-150
Age (y) at onset of epilepsy:
 Mean (SD)5.6 (4.2)5.4 (4.3)NS1-150
IQ (mean (SD))80.7 (16.8)84.2 (22.8)NS1-150
Sex (male/ female)14/1418/10NS1-151
Seizure type (SPS/CPS/SGS, drop attacks)2/17/91/22/5NS1-151
Seizure frequency (seizures/month):
Seizure outcomep<0.0011-151
 Seizure free21 (75%)4 (14%)
 Sign (⩾50%) reduction in seizure frequency5 (18%)6 (22%)
 Seizue frequency unchanged2 (7%)18 (64%)
Baseline medicationNS1-151
 No medication11
Antiepileptic treatmentNS1-151
 Number of drugs increased25
 Number of drugs reduced115
 Number of drugs unchanged1518
  • SPS=Single partial seizures; CPS=complex partial seizures; SGS=secondary generalised seizures;

  • 1-150 t test;

  • 1-151 χ2 test;

  • 1-152 Mann-Whitney Utest (p>0.05).