Table 2

Comparative analysis of sensitivity, specificity, and positive likelihood ratio (+LR) based on initial protein S-100B and NSE serum concentrations, clinical signs of focal neurological deficits, and signs of intracranial pathology in CT imaging

Sensitivity Specificity +LR
Two weeks examination:
 S-100B1 >140 ng/l69.090.06.9
 NSE1 >6.45 μg/l51.790.05.1
 Focal neurological deficit31.080.01.6
 Intracranial pathology in CT48.380.02.4
Six months examination:
 S-100B1 >140 ng/l65.088.95.9
 NSE1 >5.75 μg/l55.077.82.5
 Focal neurological deficit5066.71.5
 Intracranial pathology in CT70.033.31.1