Table 1

Representative uncontrolled intraspinal steroid investigations 1953–98. Intraspinal steroids for sciatica and low back pain in 798 subjects: 36 week average follow up

First author (ref) Date n Diagnosis Route Steroid Type of study Patients with pain relief (%)1-151
Lievre18 195320SciaticaEpiduralHydrocortisoneRetrospective25 at 3 w
Brown19 196020Sciatica, LBPEpiduralPrednisone, hydrocortisoneRetrospective100 at 52 w
4Sciatica, LBPEpiduralMethylprednisolone acetateRetrospective100 at 8 w
Goebert20 1960239SciaticaEpiduralHydrocortisoneRetrospective66 at 12–130 w
Goebert21 1961113SciaticaEpiduralHydrocortisoneRetrospective83 at 12+ w
Gardner22 196175SciaticaIntrathecalMethylprednisolone acetateRetrospective60 at 16+ w
Sehgal23 1962100SciaticaIntrathecalMethylprednisolone acetateRetrospective60 at 1–44 w
Winnie24 197210SciaticaIntrathecalMethylprednisolone acetateProspective90 at 2–104 w
10SciaticaEpiduralMethylprednisolone acetateProspective100 at 2–104 w
El-khoury25 1988116LBPEpiduralBetamethasoneProspective98 at several h
Rosen26 198840Sciatica, LBPEpiduralMethylprednisolone acetateRetrospective25 at 1–32 w
Power27 199216SciaticaEpiduralMethylprednisolone acetateProspective6 at 1 w
Bowman28 199335Sciatica, LBPEpiduralMethylprednisolone acetateRetrospective43 at 12 w
Patients improved: 68%
  • LBP=Low back pain.

  • 1-151 Definition of “pain relief“=excellent+good+moderate+“not severe”.