Table 3

FDA drug experience reports (DERs) on 109 patients (1992–6). Review of epidural injections using methylprednisolone acetate (Depo-Medrol)

Total incidents reported (approved and “off label” uses)680
Patients of neurological interest109
 (epidural therapy only 94)
 (other injection sites with pathophysiological correlations 15)
94 patients who received epidural therapy:
  Total patients who received epidural injections94
 Scanty reports not analyzed46
 Detailed classifiable DERs48
 Epidural therapeutic attempts in 48 patients58
 Accidental intrathecal injections10
15 injections into non-epidural sites: DERs of neurological significance:
 Intentional intrathecal4
 Paraspinal nerve blocks3
 Spinal facet blocks3
 Intraoperative discectomy1
 Nasal surgery2
 Optic globe injection1
 Peripheral nerve injection1