Table 5

Adverse reactions after epidural steroid therapy given to 48 patients reported to FDA 1992–6*(methylprednisolone acetate (Depo-Medrol sterile aqueous suspension—Pharmacia and Upjohn)

IndicationsClinical condition after epidural injections of 40–200 mg doses
Low back pain (17)Headache (15)Sensory loss (6)Aseptic meningitis (8)
Herniated disc (14)Sciatica (7)Leg weakness (6)Paraplegia/paraparesis (6)
Sciatica (8)Chills/fever (6)Ataxia (2)Organic mental syndrome (6)
Spinal stenosis (3)Nausea/vomiting (5)Aphasia (1)Cauda equina syndrome (2)
Failed back syndrome (2)Photophobia (3)Dysarthria (1)Pseudotumour cerebri (1)
Spondylosis (2)Paraesthesiae legs (3)Moon facies (1)Increased CSF pressure (1)
Coccydynia (1)Urinary retention (3)Discitis (1)
Unknown (7)Paraesthesia head (2)Tetraplegia (1)
Leg and back cramps (2)Arachnoiditis (1)
Urinary/faecal incontinence (2)Infectious meningitis (1)
Convulsion (1)Demyelinating disease (1)
Sexual impotence (1)
Visual blurring/scotomas (1)
Somnolence (1)