Neuropsychological testing before and after liver transplantation (LT)

Test Cut off Score1-150 before LT Score1-150 after LT (3 months) Score1-150 After LT (12 months)
Information processing control:
 Attentional matrices (visual search)31940.247.2
 Trail making form A: time93846627
 Trail making form B: time28227516881
 Stroop: word
 Letter A cancellation: errors924155
 Digit symbol substitution19121918
 Auditory reaction times (ms)281220197
 Visual reaction times (ms)423340339
 Word fluency (F, A, S)17.317.326.329.3
 Raven's coloured matrices (1947)18.919.320.322.3
 Digit span3.
 Corsi's blocks3.
 Immediate visual memory13.812.416.413.4
 Rey's 15 words:
  Short term28.537.449.445.4
  Long term4.711.212.29.2
 Paired associate learning6.51011.511
 Story recall4.710.612.14.5
 Supraspan spatial learning5.7414.68.7
  • 1-150 Corrected for age and schooling when needed.