Table 1

Normal pressure hydrocephalus score10

Gait evaluation (GE):
 Patient is bedridden or not able to ambulate1
 Ambulation is possible with help2
 Independent walking is possible but unstable or the patient falls3
 Abnormal but stable gait4
 Normal gait5
Cognitive functions (CF):
 Patient is vegetative1
 Severe dementia2
 Important memory problems with more or less severe behaviour disturbances3
 Memory problems reported by patient or family4
 Cognitive disturbances are only found by specific tests5
Sphincter disturbances (SD):
 Urinary and faecal incontinence1
 Continuous urinary incontinence2
 Sporadic urinary incontinence3
 Urinary urgency4
 No objective or subjective sphincter dysfunction5
  • NPH Score=GE+CF+SD. The minimum possible score is 3 points, and it indicates a patient that is bedridden or not able to ambulate, has a severe dementia (vegetative), and urinary and faecal incontinence. The maximum score of 15 points indicates a patient who has normal gait, cognitive disturbances only found by specific tests, and no objective or subjective sphincter dysfunction.